Photo Exhibition: Simple Choices Have Big Impact

Cotton picker Thangamani at a tea plantation near Kothagiri in India.

As a part of the launch of the FAIRTRADE Mark in India, Fairtrade India is organising a photo exhibition about Fairtrade producers and the impact

Fairtrade has had on their lives and their communities across India. This exhibition showcases how Fairtrade is a movement for change, enabling us to

be a part of the solution- of bringing about sustainable development through the simple choices we make.

Date: 21st November 2013

Time: All Day

Venue: Alliance Française de Bangalore, 21,palace road, vasanthnagar, Bangalore

560 052 India

Welcome from Abhishek Jani, CEO of Fairtrade India

I am delighted to be part of the burgeoning ethical consumer movement in India, helping to build a movement that has the potential to benefit thousands and lakhs of farmers and workers.

Fairtrade is the world’s most recognised ethical label that aims to connect disadvantaged producers with businesses and consumers at fair prices. We have been working with farmers and workers in India for over 19 years to supply Fairtrade products to the international markets, returning nearly Rs. 20 additional crores to Indian farmers and workers in the last year alone.

All this is done through simple and powerful ideas of-

  • Enabling producers to get organised- thus unlocking their collective energy in local communities, production and in markets

  • Setting up mechanisms like minimum support price, access to finance, production standards to ensure that the markets work for and reward the producers rather than the other way round

  • Increasing transparency and accountability across the entire production chain

  • To make each one of us realise the power of our choices- that whatever we choose individually as citizens, as consumers as organisations have a direct impact on how resources get allocated and what producers earn as their livelihoods

  • And finally, making the linkages and connecting the producers with the consumers and businesses to ensure that a virtuous cycle of mutual benefit and support is sustained.

With our official launch in November of 2013, following on from the successful launch of Indian grown products already, we now aim to expand the consumer market for Fairtrade in India, benefitting Indian producers even further. Fairtrade provides consumers with tangible and credible options to make consumption choices in line with their values. Simple every day choices that bring sustainability for farmers, environment and businesses.

Whether you’re a farmer, a consumer, a civil society organisation, a retailer or a business, there is a place for you in our growing movement. Please take the time to browse these pages to find out more about the FAIRTRADE Mark, and what it means….or better yet, get in touch with us directly.

There is no better time to get involved in contributing to a better future for India.


Abhishek Jani


Fairtrade Foundation India

Ring: 080-41488773