Fairtrade India school programme

A Fairtrade school is committed to Fairtrade. Across the world, countries that are part of this global movement have extensive Fairtrade schools programmes. The UK, for example, has over 1,000 registered Fairtrade schools.

The India team is gearing up to work with schools, teachers and young citizens on making trade and our food system fairer. A pilot programme will be rolled out with five Indian schools with a special focus on Bangalore.

As a Fairtrade school, schools will contribute to this global movement to bring about change, teachers will be able to enhance their curriculum and extra-curricular school activities and students will learn about inherent issues that affect Indian farmers and workers.Young adults will also get opportunities to connect with producers directly and understand how the Fairtrade system works to benefit them. And most importantly, farmers, through the work of the Fairtrade school, will be aided in earning a fair price.

If your school wants to be part of this pioneering pilot programme, email info@fairtradeindia.org.