Develop a Fairtrade line of products

Why develop Fairtrade products?

  • By making a connection directly to producers, and paying them a fair price, you can be assured of consistency of supply while helping to grow demand, as Fairtrade India has planned activities to promote Fairtrade throughout 2014 and beyond.
  • Fairtrade has extensive experience, technical expertise and depth in local and international supply chain to work with companies to develop a credible model for sustainability driven branding.
  • By working with Fairtrade, Brands can be seen as innovators and thus developing a unique proposition for the market ahead of other international and domestic brands in your segment.

How to develop Fairtrade products? 

Contact us to get information on linking with Fairtrade producers and Fairtrade certified operators in your supply chain.

Depending on your supply chain requirements, you may need to be certified according to the Fairtrade standards. To get more information about Fairtrade certification please visit the FLO-CERT website

Once you have a Fairtrade Certified supply chain you would also require a license to use the FAIRTRADE Mark for the country you want to retail in. Please contact us on for more information about the license application process.