Help sell products with a FAIRTRADE Mark

Why retail Fairtrade products? 

  • Retailers across India are beginning to stock Fairtrade products on their shelves. The early adopters are getting recognized as innovators in their sector by creating a new retail category.
  • Creating a new Fairtrade category also provides your customers an informed choice to contribute towards social development and environmental protection.
  • Having dedicated space for Fairtrade products, or creating an own label with Fairtrade ingredients helps retailers add credibility to their own brand as a responsible business.
  • We undertake campaigns and awareness activities to tell people about Fairtrade and what it means thereby not only creating awareness about Fairtrade but also about our partners.

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How to retail Fairtrade products?

Contact  us to connect with businesses who have Fairtrade products available across different cities in India.

If you’d like to source Fairtrade products for your own labels we can connect you with various producer organisations and businesses that work across multiple ethical supply chains.