On top of the Fairtrade Minimum Price producers also receive the Fairtrade Premium. How it’s spent is voted on democratically by farmers or workers. This is development as decided by the people who will benefit from it. After all, they’re the ones best placed to make it work the hardest. Here are some examples of the impact created in the producer communities through the use of the Fairtrade Premium.

Sunstar – Group of Organic Farmers, Kaithal 

Naard Village used 2009 Premium money to set up a computer centre for  girls from Naard and the neighbouring village. Girls aren’t allowed to travel alone in the evenings and the nearest computer facilities are 7 km away in Kaithal so it would be difficult for them to get there, not to mention costly. Now, girls aged 16-18 can come to the Computer centre Monday to Saturday from 2-5pm. The woman teacher is also paid for by Fairtrade premium money. There are two computers, 4-5 girls per computer and they learn to operate in Hindi and English.

Fair Trade Alliance Kerala   

Another interesting project developed by FTAK with the premium is a solidarity loan for the most disadvantaged producers; it has been developed for one year at a pilot level in the Asan Kaval district with 30 families. The objective of the project is to allow these families to stabilize their situations and launch a new farming activity. So far the system seems to work: families’ incomes have grown of an average of 30%.
In the photo you can see the grand-daughter of an old couple with a baby goat. The couple went through hard time when they lost their pepper trees because of disease. Thanks to the solidarity loan, they could buy 2 goats; they will sell the goats to get a little money and also use the milk for family food.

BBTC Worker Benefit, Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation, General Body meeting held in 2003 decided to issue insurance Polices for all permanent tea plantation workers at the Singampatti Estate. Accordingly 1,155 SBI Sudarshan Life Insurance policies were issued to workers who were on the rolls.